A Time for Death Ch. 1

Apr 05, 2020

Each day, Martin Hendricks follows a strictly laid out plan. His alarm goes off, he gets up, eats a healthy breakfast, dresses for work, and is out the door by 7:15. There are no surprises in Martin’s world. He couldn’t take the stress.

On his way to the bus stop, which takes exactly 542 steps, he makes it a point to plug his headphones into his phone and stick them in his ears. This way he can either listen to his favorite finance podcast or read another book on the history of economics. It doesn’t matter really as long as it sends a clear message to other people to not to disturb him. Mundane conversation with strangers is probably the worst situation Martin can imagine.

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Killer vs Killer

Nov 28, 2015

In the deepest part of the most secluded forest, a mysterious figure crept his way through the thickest foliage and oldest trees known to mankind. The uninvited guest believed his calculated tactics and top of the line camouflage would aid in his movements through the forest to collect his prey. He had no idea that he had been followed from his first step inside.