Rewriting History with Quentin Tarantino

The desire to rewrite history is completely human. Practically everyone has at least a moment or decision they wish they could do differently. While there are the odd ones who claim they wouldn’t change a thing, those people scare me (teach me your ways, Yoda) and don’t apply here.

It’s interesting to think what small details could be altered to dramatically change history. In our own rewrites, similar to Quentin Tarantino’s revisionist history, there’s always the happily ever after. If only I said “yes” to that opportunity or turned left, then it would have all worked out better. However, in reality, that small detail might not have made such a difference, and things could be just the way they are or even worse.

During my recent watch of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, I was left pondering these questions of what if? What if I did go to design school like I wanted, what if someone killed baby Hitler, what if Hilary won? In the end, these fantasies don’t serve much of a purpose other than entertainment or to drive yourself crazy wondering what might have been.

Tarantino’s latest venture into revisionist history was an enjoyable ride and ended up being much more respectful to the departed than I would have imagined. However, I think the glossy ending missed a very big point. Although now Sharon Tate and her guests get to live out their lives, come what may, these were not the only people to be targeted by the Manson Family.

The police, quite like the real ones who arrived on the scene after the Celio Drive murders, had no idea why this happened. They would have no reason to go to the compound and arrest Charles Manson and his dangerous followers. Leaving him to replace the barbecued and mauled hippies with some of his other devotees and go on to kill two more people. Maybe even more since the police believe all the perpetrators to be dead now.

So if you could change one detail that would improve your life for the better, would you if that change made things a whole lot worse for someone else? Let us know in the disord.

Posted in Movies 09 Dec 2019