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Double-Pocket Zippered Pouches

After finishing up the batch of book-sized totes, I decided to take on a more complicated project. Yes, this design is basically a zippered pouch, but it has the addition of a front and back pocket. Also, the straps are added at the side of the bag instead of the top, which is a completely different sewing process from what I've been doing.

All in all, I'm still learning. Everyday has been a learning curve. Even though, I thought purchasing a pattern book would help simplify or at least explain some methods, but as with many of the patterns I've found online, the directions are hard to follow. So, I'm still improvising and altering designs to suit what I know how to do and what my machine can handle.

These bags, and the next three I make, will all be constructed from recycled materials — primarily clothes my sister was getting rid of and didn't sell. There are a few elements that aren't upcycled, like the foam interfacing in the pink flannel bag and, obviously, the hardware. Using these materials is giving me an opportunity to see how different fabrics sew and how they pair with other textiles.

For instance, the fabric used on the pink bag was from a polo T-shirt, and the stretchiness was a pain to work with, especially when adding it to the zipper. It's clear to see where I was struggling, but I think I did a decent job of minimizing the bunching.

The stiffer flannel and cotton used on the salmon bag were much more forgiving. They did what I asked of them. However, I'm still have trouble getting everything lined up and straight. I think each bag has been an improvement on my skills, but there's still a long way up.

Anyway, if you like what I'm doing and want to inquire about a bag of your own, let me know at

Posted in Sewing 23 Jul 2019