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31 Days of Halloween: Halloween (1978)

Music has a way of sending me back in time. After smells, the sounds of a specific melody or song are the best way to evoke memories. So, if you ever want to strike fear in my heart, simply play the four piano chords of the Halloween main theme.

Michael Myers terrified me as a child. I now know this was most likely due to his similarities with a mean prank involving a mask and a knife that was played on me at a very young age. Even still, this music stills has the ability to bring back the intense feelings of this fear. Because on rewatch, Halloween is not remotely scary, and without John Carpenter's score, there would be zero creep factor.

It's really impressive how memorable the music for this film is. Even those who've never seen the movie know the music. The minamilistic 4/5 piano rhythm of the main theme creates as much dread in moviegoers as the slashing violin in Psycho. It's lasting influence in horror culture is even more impressive considering John Carpenter and collaborator David Wyman threw the entire soundtrack together in a mere two weeks due to budget constraints. It would go on to influence other music in Carpenter's career and incoming filmmakers and composers.

Random Thoughts to Leave On

Posted in article, Movies 02 Oct 2018