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My Favorite Movies...Currently

Apr 04, 2020

I'm always falling in love with new movies, but these are the ones I can still put on at any time and get lost in the story all over again.

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My 2020 Reading List

Jan 08, 2020

Books I plan on (crossing fingers) reading in 2020.

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Winter Is Here So Give Me the Carbs

Dec 10, 2019

Fatty, carby foods help to keep the blues away.

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Rewriting History with Quentin Tarantino

Dec 09, 2019

What moment would you go back and change?

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5 Confusing Movie Endings

Nov 11, 2019

Sometimes a movie won't have a clear cut ending. It's either open for debate or clues were left throughout the film that should have explained it to you.

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Female Characters Little Girls Can Look Up To

Jan 27, 2016

As someone who grew up obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and saw all the episodes of Xena: the Warrior Princess, it is no wonder that I expect more from a female character.

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